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The Cass County Republicans BPOU is proud to announce the formulation of a highly respected new group within our organization.

This club will be called the GRAND INNER CIRCLE and will be comprised of individuals who have contributed $1000 or more to help fund our political “grass roots” movement. The members of this group can be of our own staff who have contributed, in aggregate, over the past years to reach this goal to attain the above-mentioned status. It can also include those non-staff individuals who are of special mention. Any non-staff contributors to this group will have full transparency to our operations and be invited to all committee meetings.

We are proud to introduce the first charter members of the group as IRMA & DUTCH CRAGUN, who have helped so much in launching our well-attended first American-Minnesotan Dinner. It recently took place at the Cragun Legacy Golf facility on October 13th and was a great GOP rally that stimulated energy for the upcoming election and created some necessary fundraising.

We hope to see continued interest and growth in this newly formed club. This will be an entry on our “navigation bar” on our website ( or Please follow it for updates, as well as just perusing through the entire website for information on our activities.

Thank you, again, to Irma and Dutch Cragun!

With best regards

Fred Hage - Cass County Republicans Chairman

Grand Inner Circle Members

  • Executive Committee of Cass County Republicans BPOU

  • Dutch Cragun

  • Dave Osborne

  • Arnold and Dawson Volker

  • Adam and Leslie Arnold

  • Mike and Sharon Higgins

  • Kevin and Teresa Close

  • Bob and Nita Gross

  • Ken and Frances Haubrich

  • Charlie Osland

  • Jamie and Jason Preble

  • Vin and Cheryl Weber